Entrevista – Reptaliens

9 septiembre, 2022

Hacía mucho tiempo que no publicábamos una entrevista (la última fue con Trajedesaliva a principios del año pasado). Y esta vez he querido intentar al menos hablar con los grupos cuyos discos van entrando en nuestra lista de mejores del año. Así que contactamos con Reptaliens, cuyo “Multiverse” fue uno de los primeros discos que nos tocaron la fibra en 2022. La verdad es que hay que decir que desde el primer minuto respondieron superamables, nos dieron todas las facilidades y fueron tremendamente majos. Es de verdad una alegría encontrarse con tan buena gente.

Así que tras unos días (y un pequeño percance con su furgoneta) aquí tenemos las respuestas de Cole Browning al pequeño cuestionario que les enviamos desde el Octopus. Disfrutadla.

Thanks, Cole!!

What do you intend to communicate with “Multiverse”? What can we get from this album?

We wanted to switch up the sound and make a more guitar driven rock album as opposed to the earlier two LPs which were more vibey and synth filled. 

One of your fans corrected us in our post about “Multiverse”. He said  that you are a whole band and not only a duo. It is true that in your press photo you are four, but all the information regards to both of you, Bambi and Cole. Can you explain this?

Bambi and I (Cole) write all the music together and Bambi writes all the lyrics, so in that sense we’re a duo. But when we record final versions of songs for albums, Julian Kowalski (guitar) and Thomas Hoganson (drums) join us in the studio. I like to think of us as a 4 piece band, not a duo.

Where was the cover picture taken? Somewhere in Europe, because this kind of roman frieze? I really love the cover, but I think that the album is much more bright and shinny than what the picture shows.

We actually struggled a lot deciding what to put on the cover. We always favor art and paintings for record covers but our label was adamant about having us pictured. The photo was taken by our friend Dan Crayonton down the street from our house in NW Portland, Oregon. It was the middle of winter and very cold outside. We walked around shooting and freezing for a few hours! 

Some of the songs in the album remind me to some europop songs from the 2000’s, actually your music may fit in labels as the swedish Labrador. Do you agree? Can you recall some european bands that may have some influence in your music?
(clue: it will be great to have some of your songs released in spanish label Elefant Records 🙂

We were listening to a lot of Oasis and Blur so yeah that sounds about right. Elefant records sounds cool! 

You have released a digital track to raise funds for Sanctuary Produce Farm, and also for Brown Girl Rise. Can you tell us about this projects?

Sanctuary is a farm outside Portland, OR that provides fresh organic produce to the BIPOC community in need of food. They deliver to many needy people all over town. Brown Girl Rise is a non profit that helps create a safe and positive space for BIPOC girls and non-binary people to enjoy community and creativity.

Please recommend us some interesting bands from Portland (or any other place) or from Captured tracks.

Leather Tom and the dirty dudes, Twingle, Pegasus, Fur Coats, Storm large and the garbage barge, lifestyles…